Friday, January 5, 2007

I Just Love Quoting People

I don't think I'm entertaining enough on my own, so I like to use other peoples' words -- a lot. I found the following in the latest issue of The Sun Magazine (January 2007):

Why do you only hear bad news about LSD? It's always the same story about some idiot who thought he could fly, so he jumped out a fifty-story window. Why don't we ever hear this news story? "Today a young man took LSD and realized that ego is an illusion and that we are all part of the universe experiencing itself subjectively; that death is just another journey; and love is the only reality. And now, here's sports." -- Bill Hicks

I have absolutely fallen in love with The Sun, and will probably keep a subscription for as long as I live, or as long as it lives (I certainly hope it outlives me). Their "Readers Write" feature has an upcoming topic -- "Airports" -- that I want to write about, mainly my recurring dream/nightmare of trying to catch a plane and never making it, or getting caught up in absurd delays. I don't know of anyone else who has recurring airport dreams.

Oh, and as long as I'm here, rambling aimlessly, let's have a gratuitous cat picture. Sorry it's so blurry. A Certain Someone was sitting on my dominant hand. He really isn't that fat; he's just sort of in Amoeba-Cat mode where he splooches out all over whatever horizontal surface upon which he, um, splooches. Note that HE is the one with the expression of long-suffering tolerance. "(Sigh) When will the Stupid Human Girl pay attention to my Glorious Cat-ness? Hey, I'm being CUTE here, Human!"

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