Sunday, January 7, 2007

It's 1:30 a.m. Why am I Taking Pictures of YARN?

Well, it's utterly indescribably delicious yarn, is probably the reason behind that question. He Who Occasionally Lapses Into Bad British Accents and I went to the Fisher Theater in Detroit to see Spamalot. We got there early enough that we wandered around the Fisher Building for a bit before we went in to the theater, and I stumbled into City Knits (a very high-rent yarn store).

I saw the sign for the store, and I was drawn like a lamp to a flame (me and several other women with their husbands/significant others who were there to see the show). They (and this includes Yours Truly) would walk into the store; their jaw would drop and the face would light up with Possibilities. Yarn! Lovely Yarn! My God(dess), What Can I Make Out of All This YARN?! They looked like they discovered that Santa Claus was real, that fairies do dance in the moonlight, and that they had won Publishers' Clearinghouse and Ed McMahon was in their driveway. This would be the knitters. The gentlemen who accompanied them would sigh, shake their heads despondently, and look at the floor.

If you're a knitter, I double dog dare you to click on that photo of the yarn and not squeal. I just about squealed, and I DON'T SQUEAL. Much.

I'm thinking the Mistake Rib Scarf from WendyKnits. That's the same web site that has the pattern for the infamous Kitty Pi (the cat bed I will eventually get around to making once I learn how to deal with knitting on two circular needles). Plans, plans, plans.

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