Thursday, December 21, 2006

More pictures. I need the practice.

This is the amazing, totally rockin' Christmas tree ornament that my friend got for me at Bronner's. She told me that her husband was teasing her about buying ornaments for her co-workers, and that they were "dorky." I don't think "dorky" was the exact word he used, but that's the general idea.

Needless to say, He Who Takes Out the Garbage (i.e., The Husband) and I love this ornament. It looks a quite a lot like The Orange One. In fact, it's even more orange than The Orange One, if you can believe it. Thomas, however, doesn't have a Santa hat. He does have a mouse hat, though.

I should be careful that these photos don't find there way into the hands of PETA or the ASPCA. I'm sure I would be found guilty of cat torturing.

Working hard on "The Cats of Ulthar." I almost have finished Joshi's quest (just need to put the script on the book of poetry and update a journal entry or two).