Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Morning Garden Blogging

I think these are forget-me-nots. I'm not really sure, but they're blue, and small, and currently camping the birdbath (the The-Husband-Made birdbath inscribed with "Bathe Filthy Birdies"). The neighbors immediately behind us have a small field of these, so they more than likely migrated from there.

The spiderwort in the kitchen garden bloomed for the first time this season. I wish I could get a better photo. It's not that violet, and has more of a blue color. I'm not talented enough with Paint Shop Pro to make it look right.

The iris(es) are going crazy, and I should have pictures up soon, when he's in full flower. I counted 3 separate stalks with about 5-7 imminent blooms (total). Considering he hasn't bloomed once since I planted him 2 or 3 years ago, it's about time, I say. The sweet woodruff next to the iris has died off for a reason known only to itself, and I'm not certain if I want to put in more irises -- since I'll be dividing the Monster Iris when it's done blooming -- or look for another groundcover. I'm going to the nurseries up on Wagner Road sometime this weekend, and I'm sure something will inspire me.

My attitude towards gardening is pretty haphazard. I know there are some plants I will never consider (hostas, forsythia), but most of what I randomly select is Because It Looked Good at the Time. I'll wander around the nurseries and see what grabs me.

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