Sunday, May 20, 2007

Landscapes Real and Imagined

I've told a few of you I would be posting screenshots from Lord of the Rings Online, and here they are! Yes, I'm copping out today with many pics and little text, but we has lots to do, precious, lots to do, yessss. [Click to view larger sizes, you silly hobbitses]

Laiane in Thorin's Gate

Waterfall and Sunrise Near Duillond

Coming in to Thorin's Gate

Another View of Erud Luin

But lest you believe it's all elvish singing under the springtime sky here at Chez Crabgrass, I did come home with artemisia, a Beauty of Livermore oriental poppy, two South Seas daylilies, a "Twilight" echinacea, four varieties of hot peppers (banana, red chili, jalapeno, and Thai dragon), and a small catnip plant (the catnip near the birdbath didn't come up this year;I put down some seeds, but they were pretty ancient and I'm not confident they'll come up). All of these need to get in the ground in the next day or so. There's also a 40-pound bag of peat sitting out there with my name on it. I did have one impulse purchase at the nursery -- a hanging basket of strawflowers. All I had to do on that was peel off the price sticker.

And here's a hopefully improved picture of Boris the Spiderwort:

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Queen Frostine said...

Great Picture of Boris and all the plants, it looks like you had a great weekend. I also own a 40 lb. bag of Peat Moss with my name on it as well.