Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's Springtime

[I was going to segue into "Springtime for Hitler," which has been playing in my head for a few days, but I thought that not everyone would get the reference to The Producers, and that that wouldn't be kosher. Er, not cool, even.]

Yes, I am just tickled that Laurie took the time to post a comment on my nondescript wallflower of a blog. I had to go back and do a little judicious editing of the "Things I Learned from Crazy Aunt Purl" List, too, by the way. That list was longer than I imagined.

What I would like to write is that Laurie has influenced so many of her readers -- but I'm having one helluva Pain Day and can't quite find the words. Bear with me. This goes way beyond fried chicken recipes.

Many women wrote that her writing about her divorce -- and the pain/fear/loneliness that went with it -- helped them get through their own divorces and break-ups. Just being able to feel "I'm not alone in experiencing this" helped them cope. I just about cried when I read this one:
I crashed, I burned, and I spent so many many days and nights wishing I'd never been born. I read your blog.. your entries about how you felt.. and I want you to know that you helped. As much as someone that I couldn't talk to, didn't know, and had no opportunity to vent to.. you helped. Every day. You made me smile when sometimes nothing else did.... This [the book publication news] has made my day. Keep on keeping on. Some days that was all I kept saying over and over. It will get better, I used to tell myself (although I secretly suspected I lied even to myself). Its still hard. I still think about him too much during a day. I get up, I move through, I take care of my kids and the house and my seventeenmillion jobs, and then I do it all again. You've been an inspiration. I've preordered the book, and I can't wait to read it. Thank you again.


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