Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just More Morrowind Screenshots; Nothing to See Here, Ma'am

Oh, to hell with the idea of blogging any post with any type of SUBSTANCE to it, cats and kittens, let's just post some pretty pics of Vvardenfell, m'kay?

This first one is of me on the Bitter Coast near the Sixth House Base Illinubi, fairly early on in the Main Quest. I'm still wearing the Dark Brotherhood cuirass lifted from one of the assassins sent after me from Mournhold (Tribunal). Mods in the screenie include Vibrant Morrowind, the Domina mesh for the female cuirass, Westly's Wood Elf head pack, Rin's hair, and I can't remember who's armor for the female falconer leather pants. Some people complain that the Dark Brotherhood armor is game unbalancing since it's so "uber" for a lower level character, or you get far too much gold for it if you sell it. Bull. Do you know how expensive enchanting, training, spells, weapon repair, etc., etc., is in Vvardenfell? Through the roof. The armor early on helps pay the bills, I will tell you that.

The Bitter Coast is one of my favorite areas in the game. Soggy, swampy, rainy, but downright gorgeous in its own melancholy way. The Ascadian Isles would be a close second, which includes Vivec, the City I Love to Hate.

It's huge. You have to run everywhere. When you're at a level in the single digits, this is a true PITA since you barely have enough endurance to run more than 30 seconds at a stretch without plowing through all your fatigue points.

On the upside -- It's huge. There are a ton of quests. It's the home of the Morag Tong, one of my all-time favorite guilds, and Uncle Crassius Curio, the House Hlaalu pervert with a love of underwriting terrible stage productions (Dance of the Three Legged Guar is supposed to be a big hit, though.). I doubt any of the other Great Houses have someone as..."colorful" Uncle Crassius. Yes, the Telvanni have Mistress Therana, but she's just an insane, old Dunmer who lives in a giant fungus tower. Blech, don't get me started on the Telvanni. Nutters, slave owners, finger-wrigglers. Once I'm Nerevarine, I think I just may need to remove, or at least decimate, a certain rival House. The only good Telvanni sorceror is a dead Telvanni sorceror.

Why so much time on Morrowind? Real Life is dull. It's allergy season. Work is uninspiring. I have far too much spring cleaning to do. I can't seem to get motivated to get back on a healthier eating or exercise program (Pilates once a week and Cadbury Creme Eggs are about where I'm at right now). Pain. Insomnia. In Real Life, I'm a probate and estate planning legal secretary. At night, I'm Laiane Wolfsong, ranger, opportunist, and somewhat-lovable rogue. I never have a bad hair day, a zit, or intestinal... um...distress. Who wouldn't rather be in Vvardenfell?


Queen Frostine said...

You have Cadbury Cream Eggs at your Desk?

Laiane said...

I had ONE. Past tense. /cough