Monday, January 15, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

I still don't think it counts as "accumulation" because you can still see the grass (near the bushes -- click on the photo to enlarge). The photo doesn't do it justice; all the trees in the city are encased in ice with a light dusting of snow. The roads themselves weren't bad this morning, but there were a lot of limbs down in the roadways.

Sorry for another boring post. I warned you all early on in this blog that my life was rather dull. The wild, rockin' plans for this evening? Some knitting, some reading, some eating, and some work on the Morrowind mod. I wish I had a better quest for the cat "Carter." It's just another ho-hum FedEx quest, but what else is there? An NPC asks you to do something. You go do it. You come back to the NPC and get a reward. I am making Carter's quest contingent on completing the other three cats' quests, so that should be some challenging dialog filters.

I find it interesting that there are so many modders out there who concentrate on meshes and textures, but who are uncomfortable with dialog. For any non-modders out there, a mesh is the shape or form of an object and the texture is the visual stuff that wraps around it. A modder can make one mesh of a bottle, but have ten different textures to make it look like a blue bottle, or a red one, or a green one, u.s.w. Many modders make a lot of "pretty stuff" like shiny armor and sexy dresses and cool weapons and furniture and animals, but they don't put them in the world, or the mods are simple shops where you can buy the shiny armor and sexy dresses and cool weapons, u.s.w.

Then there are the people like me who couldn't do any three-dimensional rendering to save my life, but I can write dialog with complicated contingencies like no one's business.

So, tonight I flesh out some of H.P's dialog, beef up Joshi's lost book of poetry, and try to figure out where to put that blasted NPC. I'm thinkin' Pelagiad, or one of the Imperial forts (perhaps Buckmoth, since it's right by Ald-ruhn). Hmmm.....

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