Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Blame the Cat

Alright, so I've been AWOL awhile; not that I was actually very far from my computer, but I've been a tad... distracted. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes open beta. Nope. Not a thing. I blame the cat. I can clearly demonstrate in Photographic Exhibit A that Thomas is hogging the mouse and is preventing me from customizing my half-elven version of Laiane Wolfsong, Ranger Grrrl extraordinaire.

Actually, Laiane is going to wind up as a Wood Elf in Vanguard. The half elves, once again, got a glossing over as far as any unique lore/culture/society/history/whatever is concerned, and they had some bizarro Asian-themed thing going on in the newbie zone. When you can take this stone from my hand, Grasshopper. Yeah, right. I'm putting my money on the Wood Elves for this one, even if it does mean wearing twigs in my hair. I'll post screenies in a few days.

The Husband spent most of last night upgrading my comp, and it is absolutely screaming fast now. Vanguard goes live tomorrow. Rock and Roll, Cats and Kittens, I'm going MMORPG-ing, again.

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