Saturday, December 9, 2006

I prefer life in Vvardenfell

Well, the first pic isn't Vvardenfell. It's the sewers underneath the Imperial City in Cyrodiil, but it's still in The Elder Scrolls universe. TES IV: Oblivion was fun while it lasted. I went through it -- and I certainly didn't get through all the content -- in about 6 months. Boredom then set in. Fiercely. I began to think more and more of TES III: Morrowind, so I returned to Vvardenfell.

The second pic is me in Balmora, the "starting city" in Morrowind. Laiane has undergone many metamorphoses over time (EverQuest,
Morrowind, EverQuest 2, Oblivion, back to Morrowind, and, hopefully in the future, Vanguard). When I returned to Vvardenfell, I decided a change of hair color was in order. I'm a redhead in Real Life(tm); I can be a brunette elsewhere.

I returned to Morrowind after spending six months in Oblivion. Now, I must say I did enjoy Oblivion, but it was an exceptionally shallow game in terms of roleplaying content. Yes, it was pretty and had nice graphics and all that, but it was soulless.

I had awesome hair, though.

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