Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Trees; or What Kind of Nutter Puts Footnotes in her Blog Entries?

The Husband(1) and I went to Flatsnoot's World Headquarters (out on Washtenaw Avenue) and picked up our pagan/German/secular evergreen. I don't sweat the details about who did what to whom when in all that history; I just like real Christmas trees. If you ever hear of me having one of those aluminum monstrosities that rotates and changes colors, check for pods in my basement.

In any event, I did not know (until now) that the State Song of Michigan (and Iowa, Maryland, and New Jersey), uses the melody from O Tannenbaum. I now feel compelled to look up the actual lyrics to the State Song of Michigan (2), but I digress.

We'll get the lights and the ornaments on it tomorrow, and I'll get my little digital camera on Tuesday so I can actually start taking and posting my own pictures! (gasp!) Until then, make do with this little pic of a white fir (Abies concolor), the kind we bought today.

(1) In order to protect his privacy, no real names are going to be used. If I have to break down and give him a proper name, I'll let him choose. Maybe something sexy like Antonio or Jacques...

(2) Just a small sample; there are four stanzas of this stuff:

A song to thee, fair State of mine,
Michigan, my Michigan;
But greater song than this is thine,
Michigan, my Michigan;
The whisper of the forest tree,
The thunder of the inland sea;
Unite in one grand symphony
Of Michigan, my Michigan