Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sicker Than a Dog, and Another Cat Picture

There should be some Rule of the Universe that allows do-over days when you're sick on your vacation. Those body aches on Tuesday weren't from schlepping my books around, but were the onset of a terrible cold. I've been feeling like crap since Wednesday afternoon (and it's now Saturday morning). Someone somewhere owes me those three days back.

But, ever the optimist, I have today and tomorrow to get healthy and get rested and return to the office on Monday with a Smile on my Face and a Song in my Heart. I have the expansion to Oblivion (Shivering Isles), a 7th level Ranger on Florendyl (the Vanguard RP-preferred server) that needs some tradeskilling and diplomacy attention, and it's time for me to convince the Telvanni to name me Hortator in Morrowind. Lots to do that doesn't involve moving around, much, unless you count coughing up a lung as moving around.

As to the cat picture, that's my Gregor KafkaCat, post-sink. I haven't been the the bathroom by myself in ten years.

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